I COOK U IT: an Italian experience straight into the homes of London


The Italian startup I COOK U IT brings the flavours of the Italian regional cuisines to the City. From June, Londoners will be able to order their personal chef and have their tables set up in Italian-style with just one click.

A new Italian start-up is coming to the City, to bring the flavours of Italian cuisines to the homes of Londoners.

I COOK U IT, which will be fully operative by the end of June 2016, aims at promoting the regional cuisines of Italy in London by reproducing it in the homes of the British capital.

In order to provide its customers with the best Italian culinary experience, I COOK U IT selects the most famous recipes and the most talented Italian chefs of London –with expertise in cooking the traditional dishes of their native regions.

“Italy is known for its flavours and beauty, for the importance of regional cuisines and the many cultures which influenced them,” a spokesperson for I COOK U IT commented. “Italian cuisine has so many different possible mixes that you can define the number of recipes almost limitless.”

In London, I COOK U IT can count on the increasingly high number of Italian chefs who moved to the City in recent years; all the chefs involved with this start-up work under the supervision of the renowned Sicilian Chef Enzo Oliveri.

In order to improve and speed up the logistical process, a digital app will connect users directly to the chef.

Conceived by the London-based Italian venture capital company i2i – Italians to Italians, I COOK U IT seeks to offer customers a full Italian experience, not solely related to food.

“We aim at personalising each experience by tailoring it to the traditions of a specific region of Italy: accordingly, not only are the menus inspired to the cuisine of that region, but also the table’s set up that we use is created by designers coming from that geographic area,” Francesco Santilli –associate manager at i2i– explained to the Britaly Post.

“This initiative is also helpful to support the growth of young Italian designers; from Sicily, for instance, we have promoted Toti Spataro’s collection ‘Design meets Sicily’, which reinterprets the historical traits of the Sicilian culture.”

By subscribing to I COOK U IT’s newsletter before June, users will have the chance to win a complimentary experience of an Italian Style dinner.

Source: britalypost.com

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